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Closing date: 5pm, Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Welcome to the on-line catalogue for our November 2020 Rail Travel, Platform and Road Ticket postal auction.


Bids can be submitted by post or email to the address above (where equal bids are submitted, the first received will take preference). Railway Tickets are arranged in alphabetical order by company, then issuing station, Pre-Group followed by Pre-Nationalisation and British Railways. The Platform Tickets section follows the Rail Travel Tickets. Minimum bid prices are shown below each ticket, except for the half tickets, which all have a minimum bid value of £1, and the Bus & Tram Tickets, which have a minimum bid value of £2. Bids above these prices will be in the following steps:

£1 up to £10
£2 up to £30
£5 up to £100

£10 up to £500
£20 thereafter

The successful bidder will pay one step above the next highest bid, or the minimum price in the absence of other bids. A buyer's premium of 10% + VAT will apply to all bids, total 12%.

Final Bid

"Final Bid" gives you the ability to avoid losing a highly desirable item when there is keen bidding from rival participants. Please read the following notes if you are likely to place a bid of £200 or more on any lot in the auction.

If you bid £200 or over on a lot, you have the option to book Final Bid on that lot. If you book Final Bid on a lot, we will then telephone you between 14.00hrs and 16.00hrs on the Tuesday afternoon of the sale closing day. We must have received your phone or email booking Final Bid on, or preferably before, the Monday afternoon prior to the closing day, or have received a written request with your bidding form. Please specify each lot in the sale that you wish to book Final Bid on. Your minimum bid on these lots must be at least £200 to qualify for Final Bid.

Booking Final Bid does not mean that you will have to pay a "hammer price" of £200 or more. The hammer price will be one increment over the next highest bid, as per normal. However, we would expect you to bid at least £200 if you have a rival who takes the bidding to this level.

When we ring you, we will tell you the current status of your bid. The possibilities will be:

  • a. You are the highest bidder, there are no other bidders on the lot who have requested Final Bid and you have been successful.
  • b. You have been outbid by an "up to" bid and have the option to bid against this higher bid until you exceed it, or you drop out, as in a live auction.
  • c. You and at least one other person have booked Final Bid on a lot. You may each bid live via the phone to determine the highest, winning bid.

When booking Final Bid, please ensure that you are available to be phoned on the Tuesday afternoon of the auction closing day, in this case Tuesday, 3 November. Please ring us on 01327 262193 if you do not receive a booked Final Bid call, have a problem, or wish to clarify any points.

Condition of Tickets

All tickets are illustrated and can be viewed on our website full size or enlarged. The condition of tickets is indicated as follows:

Front Condition Grading Codes

indicates that the ticket is in excellent/undamaged condition

indicates the ticket is in good condition with no noticeable defects

indicates the ticket has some wear or minor crease, although still presentable

indicates the ticket is in poor condition

indicates the ticket has faded

for travel tickets: issued and dated example

for platform tickets: issued, some examples dated, some undated

Condition of the Back of Tickets, Mounting Damage

indicates that the back of the ticket is in good, undamaged condition

indicates that the back of a ticket has paper residue as a result of previous mounting, usually removable with care

indicates that the back of the ticket, including the back paper, has actual damage or loss

indicates that the ticket has no back

BR 1d platform tickets: Lots 3466 to 3470, backs bear Railway Executive Conditions of Issue. Lots 3471 to 3478 backs bear BTC Conditions of Issue.

Conditions of Payment

By cheque payable to Great Central Railwayana Ltd, leaving the amount blank and endorsed "Not to exceed £......." (please specify the maximum amount of your bids plus premium and postage).
By debit or credit card, please download the bidding form or use the sheet enclosed with the printed catalogue.


Orders will be dispatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery, unless we are specifically requested otherwise, charge £8. The alternative is first class post with a certificate of posting obtained, sent at buyer's risk, charge £2.00.


If a ticket is not of the standard that you expect from our description, please return it within 10 working days of the auction closing and we will provide a refund or credit your account.

Tickets Required For Future Auctions

Our commission rate for sales is 10% + VAT, total 12%. There are no minimum or unsold charges, although tickets offered need to be of a reasonable standard of interest (we offer more common items in multiple lots in the Tickets section of our ordinary postal auctions of printed railwayana held quarterly).


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VAT Reg. No. 864 7353 93