Great Central Railwayana Auctions

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On-Line Bidding for Registered Bidders

If you have participated in a Great Central Railwayana Auction (that includes SRA Postal Auctions and Paddington Ticket auctions in recent years), you will have been issued with a Bidding Number (printed on a yellow bidding card for live events). Provided that we also have your email address on file, you can login to bid straight away using the form below:

Your GCR Bidding Number:

The Bidding Number issued to you by Great Central Railwayana (on your statements and yellow bidding card).

Your Email User Name: @

Only enter the first part of your email address that comes before the '@' symbol please.

- click this button after entering your login information.

Registering to Bid On-Line

If you have never participated in a Great Central Railwayana Auction (that includes SRA Postal Auctions and Paddington Ticket auctions in recent years), please telephone the GCR office during office hours to register. If you have registered in the past, but don't have any paperwork with your bidding number on it, can't remember it, or have any other login issue, please get in touch and we will do our best to resolve the problem for you.

Other Bidding Methods

In addition to on-line bids, we also accept bids via telephone during office hours, by post, or by email. Please be sure to provide your name, address, email and telephone details with your bids.

Privacy Policy


The only cookie that we set on this website is to enable you to stay logged in to place your bids and access your bidding list. We do not place our own or any third party tracking code of any kind on the pages of our websites.

Your Personal Data

We do not pass any personal information about you or your bids to any third party. Your Bidding Number and one part of your Email Address are stored on this website in an encrypted format to enable you to login for on-line bidding. Bids placed are only recorded against encrypted Bidding Numbers. No full email address, name, postal address or other personal information is stored on this website in any form.

Bidding Instructions

You can bid via our website, following the instructions. You will need to enter your bidding number and the first half of your email address, as registered with us. If you don't have these available, please email the office as soon as possible and we will provide the details. For further information, or if you have any queries regarding the sale lots, please phone during the first week of the auction.

Bids can be made from 10 a.m. on the first Monday until 5 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the auction; the second Thursday and Friday being dedicated to final bids only. The two highest bidders will qualify to go through to the final bidding for each Lot. If bidding by email, please note that if you do not receive an acknowledgement that your bid has been entered you must assume that we have not received your bid.

The final bidding times will be listed on our website, with a five-minute slot being allocated to each Lot. Final bidders are asked to phone the office at the start of their five-minute slot (if one number is engaged, please ring the other). The onus is on you to contact us and place a bid. If you do not have access to the website to check if you qualify for the final bid, please ring the office on Wednesday afternoon shortly after bidding closes, between 5 and 5:30. After the five-minute slot, the hammer price and the successful bidder's number will be shown on the website.

Bidding Steps in this Auction

£10 up to £300

£20 up to £1,000

£50 up to £2,000

£100 thereafter.


Please note that bids that do not follow these steps will be rounded up to the next step automatically.

You can enter a top bid for any item you are interested in; the price shown on the website will be the current win price, not your top bid which will remain in play until a higher bid is received, if this happens.

The lowest bid that will be accepted is the lower estimate shown.

Please be aware that we do not have many staff in the office at the moment, so it is in your interest to bid early.

Most items can be posted and a table of charges will be shown on the website. Alternatively, we are happy to store items, insured, at no charge until restrictions are lifted and they can be collected.

Sale Entries for Future Auctions

We are happy to accept entries for future sales and will accept items against higher value lots purchased such as, but not restricted to, nameplates. Please phone the office to discuss.

Buyer's Premium

The amount charged for a Lot in this Auction will be the 'Hammer Price' plus 15% Buyer's Premium, on which VAT is charged at the current rate, a total of 18% to add to the Hammer Price.