Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 3 September 2016


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Lot 442 Buffet, BR(E)
Lot 3 District Engineer, P. Way, BR(M)
Lot 338 Gentlemen, BR(Sc)
Lot 382 Ladies Room, BR(M)
Lot 361 Ladies Waiting Room, BR(W)
Lot 415 Ladies, BR(Sc)
Lot 154 Left Luggage, BR(Sc)
Lot 73 P. Way Dept, LYR
Lot 144 Refreshments, BR(M)
Lot 190 Staff Only, BR(Sc)
Lot 126 Station Master, BR(M)
Lot 490 Stores, GWR
Lot 42 Telegraph Linemans Hut, GWR
Lot 233 Ticket Office, BR(M)
Lot 7 Ticket Office, BR(NE)
Lot 98 Tickets, BR(Sc)
Lot 495 Waiting & Ladies Room, BR(Sc)

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