Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Selling Your Railwayana

Information for Vendors

We now invite entries for our forthcoming sales at Stoneleigh on 3 December 2016 and quarterly throughout 2017.

Competitive commission rates and prompt payment to vendors.

Entries can be delivered to Stoneleigh on 3rd September, or to Woodford Halse or Banbury by arrangement. Please forward a list or phone us beforehand with brief details. In some cases collection can be arranged.

It is to your advantage to enter items at the earliest possible opportunity to enable us to advertise in The Railway Magazine and other periodicals in which we have a full page monthly advert, undertake any research necessary and photograph and catalogue your lots.

A reserve or guide price can be placed (agreed with the Auctioneer at the time of Entry) on items for which we estimate a value of £100 or above. Please note, however, that we can sell almost any Railwayana and that with over 3000 catalogues distributed, your entries will receive maximum exposure.


We are insured for up to £1 million of railwayana entries, up to £250,000 goods in transit for any journey and have comprehensive cover at Stoneleigh on the Friday and Saturday of the sale.

Upcoming Auctions in 2016

Stoneleigh: 3 September, 3 December 2016
Bloxham (General Railwayana): 6 August 2016

All catalogues are free of charge. If you are not on our mailing list, please contact us with your details.