Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 7 September 2019


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Lot 444 GER Plunger, Thorpe Jct
Lot 21 GWR Crossing Cabin Instrument
Lot 246 GWR Distant Repeater, 202
Lot 250 GWR Lock Indicator
Lot 425 GWR Points N/R Indicator
Lot 389 GWR Repeater 50, 55 Home
Lot 195 GWR Slot Indicator
Lot 498 LNER (GC) Block Repeater
Lot 192 MR Light Repeater, 1894
Lot 133 NER Westinghouse Section Indicator
Lot 407 Preece Plunger
Lot 464 SR Block, Newcourt
Lot 41 SR Plunger, Basingstoke West
Lot 314 SR Plunger, Streatham North
Lot 345 Slot Indicator, Garnqueen South

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