Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 2 March 2019


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Lot 262 BPRS Co Signal & Lamp Indicator
Lot 186 GER Block Indicator
Lot 47 GER Plunger, Reedham Swing Bridge
Lot 132 GWR Distant Repeater, Stand
Lot 17 GWR Level Crossing Indicator
Lot 107 GWR Point Indicator, N/R
Lot 494 GWR Spagnoletti, Curry Rivel Jct
Lot 55 Key Token Instrument
Lot 393 LB & SCR Butterfly Repeater
Lot 365 LNER Block, Waverley East, St Margarets
Lot 444 LNWR Block, Buxton
Lot 28 LNWR Route Indicator
Lot 411 LNWR Train Describer
Lot 362 LYR Tyers Permissive F'Stone Colly
Lot 191 NBR Block Bell, Corrour
Lot 86 SR Plunger, St Johns, Mid Kent
Lot 214 Tyers Block Orgreaves Colliery
Lot 497 Tyers Semaphore Repeater

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