Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 2 June 2018


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Lot 393 Bulleid Pacific Electric Headlamp
Lot 122 Bulleid Pacific Speedometer
Lot 282 CCCP Loco Plate
Lot 373 Coasting Cut-Off Plate (60004)
Lot 28 DMU Destination Indicator
Lot 200 Finnish Locomotive Headlamp
Lot 69 GNER Carriage Crest
Lot 172 GNSR Brass Rack
Lot 43 GWR Railcar Cab Notice
Lot 466 Isle of Wight Class 02, Spectacle Plates
Lot 453 John Fowler Smokebox Plates
Lot 464 LNWR Duplex Vacuum Gauge
Lot 84 Lion over Wheel, AC Electric
Lot 249 Pullman Chair
Lot 250 Pullman Chair
Lot 325 Royal Prussian Railway Eagle
Lot 171 Safety Valve Bonnet, MR

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