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GCR Fortnightly Sales: Lot 33, Sale 280

Closing Days: Thursday, 11 June & Friday, 12 June 2020

Great Central Railwayana Auction Sale 280, Auction Lot 33

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Lot 33


A shedplate 68E Carlisle Canal (October 1951 to February 1958). This ex NBR shed was 12B in early BR days, but was soon transferred to the ScR becoming 68E. During this period it had around 60 locos including those elusive A3s Sir Visto, Bayardo, Coronach and Flamingo. In 1958 it was returned to the LMR, briefly becoming 12D then 12C. It closed in June 1963. Ex loco condition with original red paintwork. £600-800
 This lot sold for £960 to bidder number 9183.

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Great Central Railwayana Auction Sale 280, Lot 33

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