Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 7 March 2020


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Lot 181 GCR Pegging Block
Lot 56 GER Block Bell
Lot 30 GER Flap Block
Lot 71 GNR Slot Repeater
Lot 395 GWR Level Crossing Instrument
Lot 78 Home Semaphore Repeater
Lot 50 Key Token Instrument
Lot 278 LNWR, FW Webb Patent
Lot 264 LNWR, Train Describer, Crewe
Lot 305 LSWR Preece Block
Lot 306 LSWR Preece Plunger
Lot 92 LYR Co-operative Permissive Block
Lot 48 Midland Railway Light Indicator
Lot 333 Midland Railway Track Circuit Indicator
Lot 38 NER Distant Repeater
Lot 407 NER Home Repeater
Lot 166 NER Telegraph Instrument + Card
Lot 393 NSR Block, Marchington
Lot 360 SR Plunger, Uddens Crossing
Lot 84 SR Plunger, Windsor
Lot 240 Tyers Block Instrument
Lot 69 Tyers Block, Brewery Sidings
Lot 226 Tyers Block, Featherstone Colly

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